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AirShip Technologies Group

                          Don't Tell Us We Can't Change The World! 

AirShip's "Stinger"

March 14, 2016

Micro Drone Market Entry.

With AirShip’s latest scaled down 3D printed creation, the “Stinger,” we plan to compete in this micro drone space not only for the military, but we feel the Stinger will be useful for first responsders of fire, police and search and rescue. 

The Army wants to equip individual soldiers with drones to give them greater tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities in the field.

The Soldier Borne Sensors (SBS) are expected to weigh 150 grams and fly for 15 minutes, providing real-time video and telemetry data in day and night conditions. The micro-drone, moreover, should have an operation radius of 500 meters within line of sight, a day range of 100 meters, a night range of 50 meters and operate in wind speeds up to 10 knots. But with the solar-enabled Stinger, we should be able to get up to 10 to 12 hours of daylight flight while dramatically extending the range.

Operators should be able to launch and recover the device by hand without exposing their position -- a feature aimed at maintaining a tactical ISR edge on the battlefield. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency examined a similar concept for squad-level ISR. DARPA’s Fast Lightweight Autonomy program is developing small autonomous devices that can operate in tight spaces such as buildings and even stairwells, mimicking the rapid and sporadic flight of an insect or bird. During recent demonstrations, a test aircraft achieved flight speeds of 45 mph.

Though the primary objective of the STINGER is to help warfighters in special operations in all branches of the military, it also provides territory sensor-based overwatch, views of targets, assessments and situational awareness, communications relay connectivity and capabilities to locate improvised explosive devices (IEDs). 

Many of the tactics, techniques and procedures of a STINGER deployment are expected to demonstrate superiority to its much larger competitor drones. With its 28.8% efficient solar film, typical missions can last up to 10 to 12 hours of daylight and 35 minutes for night flights. It is a MAV that does not have to be augmented with other air vehicles in an overwatch mission requiring continuous coverage throughout the flight endurance.

The immediate response is the biggest intelligence benefit to the operator because sometimes outposts or the individual soldier lack the ability to produce the same imagery that higher headquarters creates. The value added from the eyes of the soldier is real-time intelligence with personal control of close-in air support overwatch and assessment of battlefield conditions.

AIRSHIP Celebrates 1 Million hits on its YouTube Video!

March 12, 2016

AirShip Celebrates 1,000,000 hits on its YouTube video that introduced the world to our long endurance clean tech unmanned aerial vehicle.


On the heels of this achievement, AirShip continued to inspire youth through STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Recent events were held for youth at ChickTech and Airway Science for Kids, Inc. and professionals at the INTERFACE Portland event as they were introduced to the science and technology of unmanned aerial systems.

AirShip's United Nations Peacekeeper UAS Expression of Interest

March 3, 2016.       AIRSHIP submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) proposal to the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations for its AirShip Eagle VTOL UAVs. With this EOI, AIRSHIP has successfully met or exceeded the United Nations UAS requirements, including integration of systems required. Specifically, the AirShip Endurance Eagle V2 and Eagle V5 VTOL unmanned aerial system (UAS) meets all-weather day and night requirements for minimum payload, hover and cruise endurance, operational range

radius, cruise speed, and operating ceiling. The proposal specified 91 UAVs with 72 support staff. With this letter, AIRSHIP provided the United Nations with quotations of the enclosed products and AirScape over watch services for unmanned aerial systems intelligence-as-a-service.

The United Nations seeks UAS operators to express interest in participating in various tender exercises for the provision of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in support of the UN Peacekeeping Mission. Due to the nature of UN Peacekeeping Operations, these services may involve operation into high threat level hostile areas with little ground support or where security cannot be fully guaranteed. With the AirShip Eagle UAV’s range and long flight endurance measured in days and not minutes, the AirShip presence would allow for mobile command and control vehicles to be stationed far from threat areas and still maintain constant intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) for the UN Mission.

If successful in applying for a 3-year UN RFP, AIRSHIP would be considered as an independent contractor who remains in control of the unmanned UAVs and UAS while responsible for monthly 300 to 1,200 flight sortie operations and maintenance of the UAS assets embedded with UN Peacekeepers. As part of AIRSHIP’s offer, all personnel including but not limited to management, flight crew (pilot and payload operators), data analysts and maintenance personnel would at all times remain the agent of the UN customer.

AirShip enters US Navy Hybrid Unmanned Aerial and Unmanned Vehicle (HUA / UV) Proposal   February 16, 2016

OBJECTIVE: Develop a Hybrid Unmanned Air / Underwater Vehicle capable of operating in air and underwater interchangeably.

AirShip is teamed on a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) proposal with Lockheed-Martin, Oceaneering International, and the University of Portland on the anticipated benefits of HUA/UV defense/commercial research and development applications. With an air-to-water deployed vehicle, there are numerous applications that could be designed to improve lives and reduce costs. For military/defense examples, multiple HUA/UVs could provide several different camera angles while searching for enemy mines or submarines under water. Commercially while surveying hurricanes, one HUA/UV could carry a sensor to check wind speed in one area while another HUA/UV measures energy in another. Multiple HUA/UVs working together also provides flexibility if one vehicle fails or is diverted somewhere else during a mission. Underwater monitoring is made possible for bridge underwater structures, ship hull observation, underwater environmental studies, plus 1st responder underwater search and rescue.

The air-to-water deployed vehicle allows for fast aerial flight to a target location, a water surface landing, and then diving subsurface to a target. With this vehicle approach, it allows for benefits for autonomous motion beyond the water insertion point, delivering video imagery of objects, and then surfacing and taking flight for additional missions. This combination of a flight mode for unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) insertion is the benefit for establishing a key performance-based design. UUV emplacement speeds are slow when long duration is required whereas UAV speeds are relatively fast and efficient. A flying emplacement is also not affected by high sea currents, opening the options for difficult-to-access areas.

February 4, 2016 AirShip's Drone 2.0 Endurance V2 was spotted at #PDXStartupweek . @AirShipTG and projects $21M in sales in 2016.

Ben Berry delivers AIRSHIP’s DRONE 2.0

VALUE PROPOSITION for unmanned aerial systems consisting of:

  • Clean Tech Propulsion of Solar Film and
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Long Flight Endurance – 12 hours to 5-Days
  • Digital Additive Manufacturing - Cloud
  • Distributed 3D Printing
  • UAV / UUV with Aerial & Underwater
  • Operations
  • Scalable Payload Architecture – V1, V2, V5,
  • and V7 UAVs
  • AirScape Subscription-based Flight Services
  • • Stealth Acoustics Sound Reduction
  • Line of Sight (LOS) & Beyond Line of Sight
  • (BLOS) Communications

AirShip Interceptor UAV joins MITRE Challenge December 29, 2015. As AirShip celebrates the rapid approach to 1,000,000 visitors to its AirShip V2 (wing span 3.3 feet) maiden flight video AirShip has submitted two proposals to the MITRE Challenge, due February 7, 2016 to capture rogue drones -- MITRE Launches Countering Unauthorized UAS Challenge ...

To identify and capture rogue drones, the AirShip Interceptor V5 VTOL UAS (wing span 6.6 feet) examines the GPS-waypoints of a target geofence and alerts the long flight endurance loitering Interceptor UAV to intervene and capture on behalf of 1st Responders. The UAS automatically detects drones that are approaching or entering the geofence or sensitive airspace like prisons, power plants, airports or other 1st Responder-designated restricted geofenced areas. The Interceptor’s system adds real-time data related to temporary or permanent flight restrictions, which engage the AirShip Intercept0r UAV to first monitor and then automatically engage and capture a rogue drone entering specific geofenced restricted areas.

With its long flight endurance measured in days, the Interceptor drone will, by default, loiter and fly into or take off in locations that raise safety or security concerns. However, in order to accommodate the vast variety of authorized UAS applications, the new Interceptor UAS will allow users who have verified clearance accounts when interrogated by the Interceptor to temporarily unlock or self-authorize flights in some of those locations. The Interceptor will identify the rogue drone’s GPS location and compare its location against pre-designated no-fly zones, a geofence. If the rogue drone is in or near a restricted area, the Interceptor will pursue the drone as it enters and or leaves the restricted airspace.

Using on-board sensors (visual biomimetic cameras, infrared, and acoustics) to detect the rogue drone, 1st Responders will be able to identify restricted drone area maps that will be used by the AirShip Interceptor to ensure compliance to accurate restricted geofence locations around the USA and/or overseas. Applications are designed for both civil and defense markets and the AirShip Interceptor V5 will be able to capture up to two small identified rogue drones during a single capture operation.

Airborne DroneTracker 1.5 Mobile will be mounted to an AirShip V5 INTERCEPTOR VTOL UAV to monitor and track rogue drones entering a restricted geofence area. Once a rogue drone(s) have entered this “no-fly” geofence, the INTERCEPTOR will engage the drone and capture up to two in a single mission. It is being proposed to extend the range of the mobile or fixed DroneTracker deployment or where just-in-time deployment is needed where ground infrastructure is not an option. See below and AirShip INTERCEPTOR UAV strategy:

  • Ships at sea or in port
  • Government special events
  • Military convoys on the move
  • Temporary geofence areas

 Flying High

January 2016 In our world of ever evolving technology, it may not have been a surprise to many of us when we first heard/saw demonstrations of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), aka drones. After all, James Bond movies and military sci-fi flicks have been foreshadowing the future of technology for years.

However, our fascination with how they work, their purpose and full potential of use, is being vetted and debated at the highest offices in our world. Additionally, as this technology moves from an exclusive military focus to exploring more civilian applications, the debates grow even more contentious.

In the thick of this debate, stands aviation entrepreneur, CEO and Founder for AirShip Technologies Group, Ben Berry. His primary focus is on the development and implement-ation of the AirShip Endurance VTOL, UAVs and AirScape intelligence-as-a-service.

These technologies have become important to the development of drone technology, particularly as it relates to emergency preparedness and many would agree that his invention and development of AirShip Endurance VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing.......... E FULL ARTICLE HERE

AirShip Technologies Group UAV and AirScape UAS

Watching his legacy take flight

As he readies his breakthrough drone for market, Ben Berry sees his leadership of AirShip Technologies as the culmination of his career Ben Berry will tell you it’s a lucky man whose interests, training, experience and vision all converge to create the opportunity of a lifetime. For Berry, that time is now.

After a long career in information technology and communications systems, Berry is on the verge of impacting the world in a way he may

have never thought possible as a younger man.

The company he founded in 2011, Lake Oswego-based AirShip Technologies Group, is set to begin production on a solar-powered, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) — a drone called the V2. It has hundreds of pre-orders from customers around the world who plan to use it for commercial, humanitarian, civil and defense purposes. Two things set this new product by AirShip apart from its competitors: its use of clean (solar) energy, and its extended flight endurance. Just 3-by-3-feet in size and shaped like a stingray, the drone runs on solar power during daytime flight and also is outfitted with hydrogen fuel cells for nighttime flight. See Full Article 

Sep 21, 2015

2015 Defense Innovation Summit for Defense Innovations: $100 million rapid prototype funding authority. AirShip has been selected in the Call for Defense Innovation to present on two of its inventions for a) Materials Systems - Lock and Load UAV Cloud Distributed 3D Printing Process for its carbon fiber additive manufacturing of UAVs and

 b) Energy Resilience -High Endurance Clean Tech VTOL UAVs (HECTVU) for its application of solar film and hydrogen fuel cells in UAV long flight endurance from hours to days. This program was announced for a $100M Rapid Prototype Funding Authority seeking technologies aligned with Department of Defense (DOD) resilience needs. Through this Challenge Program, NSTXL will prospect and accelerate solutions in alignment with National Defense technology priorities.

A big thank you to the AirShip team of Lisa McCaffrey (AirShip’s Supply Chain), Remy Kim (AirShip’s Materials Science), Melvin Greer (Castlehill Enterprises), and Ben Berry (AirShip CEO). TechConnect informed AirShip that its two submitted proposals have been accepted for the Show Case Display scheduled December 1-2, 2015. AirShip’s two submissions to the 2015 Defense Innovation Challenge program received favorable reviews and was approved for the NSTXL (National Security Technology Accelerator) Showcase Display.

TechConnect is partnered with NSTXL to prospect for state-of-art technologies in alignment with the DOD needs. NSTXL has been awarded a $100M Funding Authority to identify and help fund new technologies that are of interest to the DOD. Through the Technology Challenge in Austin, Texas, AirShip’s technology will be showcased to a concentrated committee of key DOD program managers prospecting for new innovations. If there is a match between AirShip’s technology and the DOD’s program needs, then the NSTXL’s Funding Authority can be used to rapidly route funds into AirShip’s technology for prototype and test. These funding actions can take place within a few months, and carry no significant IP or accounting requirements.

August 22, 2015 AirShip shares the same strategy with current Air Force planning. The United States’ air force is expected to increase funding for small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS), after its strategic vision will be published later this year. The air force is expected to release its flight plan for small UAVs as soon as this coming winter, where it will state that light-weight aerial vehicles are planned to be operated in even more combat missions, some of which are currently being carried out by larger, more expensive UAVs. Among these missions are reconnaissance, electronic warfare, communication and tactical attacks in highly secured areas. - See more at: A

AirShip attends UAS Roundtable hosted by Oregon Sen. Wyden and Rep. Blumenauer

AUVSI Advocacy - August 14, 2015

In Oregon, the unmanned aircraft industry is "on the runway" and "poised to soar," according to U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden. The state's senior senator recently hosted a UAS roundtable meeting in Portland with U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Deputy FAA Administrator Michael Whitaker, and industry stakeholders from across Oregon. AirShip's CEO, Ben Berry spoke about the need to expand 1st Responder access to flying UAS in the national airspace. It turns out that the FAA has included more flexible rule exceptions for 1st Responder use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

July 17-19, 2015. AirShip has been extended an invitation to participate and display our unmanned aircraft systems program at the Oregon Air Show in Hillsboro, Oregon. The airshow is working with the FAA to be the first airshow to have unmanned flights. A few UAV partners will be on the field and AirShip will be there to show off our technology as well. The CAF Red Tail Squadron will be there just prior to the airshow and during the event's kickoff. Co-designer of the AirShip, Ben "Flaps" Berry, was a Red Tail Tuskegee Airman and the first African-American to graduate from the University of Southern California (USC) in Aeronautical Engineering.

Mid-Endurance Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Services

June 5, 2015 AirShip has joined a team responding to the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Special Operations Forces. Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (SOF AT&L) is conducting a full and open competition IAW the requirements stated in FAR Part 15, procurement of worldwide Mid-Endurance Unmanned Aircraft System(s) III (MEUAS III) Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Services. AirShip passed the first stage requirements phase and is now working to finalize two of the AirShip Eagle 7M VTOL UAVs for military flight testing at the Dugway, Utah Proving Grounds for July 13, 2015. The Government intends to award one or more IDIQ contracts as a result of this solicitation. However, the Government reserves the right to award one or more or no contracts based upon the results of the proposal evaluations. The contract(s) will include a 54-month Period of Performance (POP), with four 12-month ordering periods followed by one 6-month ordering period. At time of contract award, a task order(s) will be issued for each contract awarded.

The new requirement is being solicited under NAICS 541330 with a Small Business Size Standard of $15.0 Million and has a projected award date of 15 November 2015. The AirShip V7M with 75 pound payload shown above was competed in the RFP submittal due on May 21st.

Ben Berry, CEO AirShip Technologies Group, is scheduled to speak about his father Tuskegee Airman Ben “Flaps” Berry at the WARBIRDS OVER THE WEST event. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year for the “Lacey Lady”, a World War II B-17 Bomber. See details here: WARBIRDS OVER THE WEST by Ben Berry

Saturday, Jun 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM. Watch Spirit of '45 legacy!

May 22, 2015 - Oregon Business Magazine

Up in the Air


Portland tech veteran Ben Berry takes the leading role producing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) aimed at first responders and the military. Berry’s AirShip Technologies Group is poised to be on the ground floor of an industry that will supply drones to as many as 100,000 police, fire and emergency agencies nationwide. He reveals the plan for takeoff.

Greening aviation. We design small, clean-tech UAVs, and the reason we do that is today’s market has UAVs that last 30 minutes to about four hours. They don’t really have long flight endurance, so we had to do something different. That’s when we applied solar film to the exterior of the aircraft so we can fly all day long with solar, and then, to get night flight, we used a hydrogen fuel cell.

The right time. We’re at the very beginning of this market. Today it’s an $11.3 billion market. It’s going to go to $94 billion in two years.

Foresight. The FAA is just now opening up their rule set for commercial UAVs, but in September they’ll open up their rule set for first-responder UAVs. I saw the handwriting on the wall for this about two and a half years ago, when I developed the flying prototype and got a team around that. First responders are the ultimate target.

What’s for sale. We have seven different versions of the AirShip. We’re only looking at small ones right now — the V1, V2 and V5 [models]. The V1 is 16 inches by 16 inches, the V2 is about 3 feet by 3 feet, and the V5 is 6 feet by 6 feet. We’ll get to the much larger UAVs in the future, but probably after I sell off the business of small UAVs.

Ready for takeoff. So far we are preparing to go into production with AirShip, so we have 344 preorders, V2s and V5s, and we got our first 50 preorders with V1s. We’ve met with very good success in the marketplace in terms of people being receptive to the model, because there’s not a model out there that’s like it. We suspect we will carve out our particular niche in clean-tech UAVs into the military space as well.

Not your father’s drones. The V1 [model] is anywhere from about $10,000 up to about $17,000, which is the 16 inches by 16 inches. [The] V2 is about $30,000 to $45,0000. The V5 is anywhere from $100,000 to $149,000.

The big one. We’re working with Verizon right now for an emergency communications relay, to be able to fly drones that will pick up the signal from a laptop-size ground station that communicates with a satellite. That ground station pushes that signal back up to a UAV, and the UAV provides for x number of simultaneous Wi-Fi connections, principally for first responders.

Like father, like son. My father was a Tuskegee airman, from WWII. Even up until his passing about a year ago, when he wrote his book, Tuskegee Airmen to the Moon, Mars and Beyond, I would go on presentations with him. I learned focus, going after your passion in general and never giving up, because he never gave up in his life.

Diversifying tech. It has to do with people who are in positions of authority in I.T. who are minority, as in my own case, getting out and speaking to kids when they’re in their junior high schools, in their high schools, and in college. Because when they see someone who looks like them and sounds like them, then they get to think, “Well, maybe those jobs are for me.”

Banking on the FAA. If you look at the current rule set, you’re not allowed to fly around people. Well, with first responders, the reason they’re responding is usually around people. You’re not allowed to fly unless you have line of sight. Well, first responders, think about search and rescue; think about aircraft lost at sea.

Multimillion-dollar baby. I have funded AirShip myself over these two and a half years, and originally it was a sole proprietorship. And so when I created a C Corp for AirShip, I moved all the patent work into AirShip. I moved in the aeronautical engineering design documentation, all the prototype work documentation. So that totaled to about $4.3 million in terms of value.

Get set. Go public. We currently have 5,000 shares for AirShip. Principally, I own those shares, but we’ve sent an application to Delaware Corporation operating in Oregon to move those shares to 100 million shares of common stock, and 2.5 million shares of preferred stock.

The Federal Aviation Administration estimates as many as 7,500 small commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, may be in use nationwide by 2018. The number may change when the agency publishes the proposed rule on small, unmanned systems later this year.

April 16, 2015 Ben Berry spoke at REAP, an organization dedicated to youth advancement. Speaking on a panel of distinguished guests, Berry focused on the importance of developing your unique value proposition (UVP) early in life and setting on your life's journey. See him at the LEGACY 2015 LUNCHEON.

April 11, 2015 AirShip Technologies Group, Inc. has prepared comments to the FAA proposal (ID: FAA-2015-0150-0017) that amend its regulations on adoption of specific rules to allow the operation of small-unmanned aircraft systems in the National Airspace System (NAS). These changes would address the operation of unmanned aircraft systems,

certification of their operators, registration, and display of registration markings. The FAA regulations would allow routine use of certain small-unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in today's aviation system, while maintaining flexibility to accommodate future technological innovations. See AirShip's public comment here:

2015 Speakers -

March 18, 2015 UAS Agr-Business is one of the 75 AirShip use cases as the AirShip long endurance UAV platform was developed. Berry’s team got an early start in thinking about the UAS commercialization a decade 

or more ahead than most attendings of this broad audience of young agriculturists, students, developers, investors, innovators, researchers and policy makers. All will appreciate Berry’s knowledge, curiosity and vision. The panel included: Steve Markofski from the Yamaha RMAX Group, Ryan Jensen from Honeycomb Inc., Gretchen West from DroneDeploy, Stephen Burtt of ATI, Jonathan Evans of Skyward and Gabriel Torres of MicaSense. With AirShip included, they are all experts in their respective parts of the puzzle that faces farmers interested in UAS. See Berry's presentation here:

Drones Could Soon Be Manufactured In McMinnville

OPB | Jan. 30, 2015 3:07 p.m. |

Updated: Feb. 2, 2015 3:09 p.m.

An Oregon company is working to buy a facility in McMinnville and manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones. Ben Berry is the CEO of AirShip Technologies Group, a company that designs drones. His company plans to make an offer for one of seven buildings on the Evergreen Aviation campus.

Oct 15, 2014 - This week's Speaking Freely features a conversation with Ben Berry, the CEO AirShip Technologies Group

Speaking Freely w/ Sheila Hamilton: Ben Berry - SoundCloud

April 22, 2014 - Patent pending continues on the AirShip Endurance VTOL UAV and Solar Turbine Clean Tech Propulsion US 20140103158 A1. Patent: Application date October 10, 2012, Publication type, Application number, US 13/650,508 ...

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

July 2014 Unmanned aerial vehicles are to the future of the industry what biplanes were to jets. That was the message delivered by Ben Berry, CEO of AirShip Technologies Group, Inc., while visiting Wednesday with commissioners from the Port of The Dalles.

BEN BERRY, left, talks about the economic potential of unmanned vehicles AirShip Technologies Group’s V2 and V5, saying the industry is in the biplane stage compared to future jets.

Commissioner Dave Griffith invited Berry to The Dalles to tour the Chenoweth and Columbia Gorge Regional Airport industrial parks and to update commissioners on the state of the UAV industry. Berry illustrated the point with a breakdown of the intricate economy behind AirShip’s unmanned aerial and submersible systems. “Ben’s company is not too far from launching a really exciting product,” Griffith told the commission.

The company designs and manufactures unmanned vehicles for commercial, civil and defense purposes and is looking for about 20,000 square feet of space to assemble the aircraft. The parts for the vehicles are assembled at other companies throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Real Carbon Inc. in Hood River which manufactures the carbon-fiber fuselage.

It has 292 advance orders for its new product. “We’re looking at space in Oregon and we’re trying to be with other companies in the UAV market,” Berry said. The vehicles, which can be as small as a 1 to 3-foot wingspan, are powered by “clean tech,” Berry said, a solar film created by AltaDevices. Other companies provide other pieces of the puzzle. Unlike many of the defense UAVs seen in the media, AirShip’s ray-shaped vehicles employ vertical takeoff and landing. The wings are used for lift and the lateral rotors provide a windmill effect to power the vehicles in flight.

Strategic Technology Leadership Ben Berry

December 2013 Ben Berry speaks about his passion for technology that led him to create his own aerospace manufacturing company - AirShip Technologies Group, Inc.

Hydra program unveils unprecedented ISR robots

Robot Magazine February 2014 -- Unmanned vehicles designers at the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Va., recently released a broad agency announcement (DARPA-BAA-13-39) for the Hydra program, which will demonstrate a robotic unmanned underwater system unlike anything seen before. The project includes a new kind of unmanned-vehicle delivery system that inserts UAVs and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) stealthily into operational environments to respond quickly to situations around the world. See AirShipTG's involvement

Plans Announced for a Cargo Transport AirShip Endurance V30 VTOL X Plane UAV

January 1, 2014 The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking for a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft that can fly fast, hover efficiently and carry a lot of cargo. See Vertical Takeoff and Landing Experimental Plane (VTOL X-Plane).

To match the required 10,000 to 12,000 lbs. payload, AirShipTG will scale up the AirShip Endurance to a larger size. That?s where the AirShip Endurance V30 (30 feet by 30 feet) comes into vision. AirShipTG has been asked to develop a scaled up version to carry payload requirement. The V30 is designed to be a front loading cargo VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle for placing assets into theater or as a mother ship to quickly fly to far off locations to both deploy and retrieve clusters of nearly 100 AirShip V2 VTOL UAVs while in hover. The AirShip Endurance V30 VTOL X Plane will use clamshell flaps for forward flight maneuvering, but for hover, loiter and close in flight, the following strategy is used:

V30 Level Flight Control. For level flight controls, the AirShip Endurance V30 ramjet ducted fan assemblies are twin ramjets (microjets) that are synchronized to ignite and propel the UAV on a single mast that passes through the fuselage. Because the lateral ramjets are not contra-rotating blades, there is no need to cancel out each other's torque effects. Nor does the V30 VTOL X Plane need a tail rotor for stability. This makes the aircraft easier and safer to fly at high or low altitude. Essentially, the UAV is a flying wing and by eliminating the need for a vertical tail rotor and an associated drive system also reduces the aircraft's profile in combat maneuvers.

This AirShipTG V30 X Plane is designed to be unusually agile. At hover and loiter flight, it turns by changing the pitch angle of its upper and lower ramjets to different degrees. The more sharply pitched of the two ramjets develops more lift and absorbs more power than its counterpart, creating a powerful, immediate instant torque effect that snaps the fuselage around in the direction specified. In some circumstances, such as hovering in a cross-wind, the V30 is more stable than a conventional helicopter. The design exploits the aircraft's unusual flight characteristics to simplify the number of aeronautical parts required for manufacture and maintenance.

Augmenting the two forward lateral ducted ramjet assemblies is a swivel-up (horizontal to vertical) aft duct ramjet assembly pack (four ramjets) that provide first vertical launch and land capability and then horizontal to vertical ramjet duct swivel up transition for forward propulsion. This transitions the aircraft?s forward thrust while conserving energy by powering down the lateral ramjets. When needed, all ramjet ducts can be fully engaged for hovering or bursts of speed when needed. When operating in quiet mode, the aircraft can power down all ramjets to glide. This allows for a propulsion system that is made quiet compared to other jet engine and traditional helicopter rotors. We plan to use micro ramjets powered my natural gas.

AirShip Endurance V30 VTOL Cargo X Plane

Drone Package Delivery with Obstacle Detect, Sense and Collision Avoidance Artificial Intelligence December 17, 2013

So, what if you could fly package delivery drones overseas in developing countries where roads are nearly impossible during much of the year and where there is a real need? You could deliver 10’s of millions of just-in-time medications on demand. What if you could fly with onboard artificial intelligence to detect, sense and avoid (DSA) obstacles for perfect close in flights each time? This is the vision of the AirShip Technologies Group’s use case for UAV Package Delivery.

Hydra Systems TA2 AirShip V2 Air Vehicle Payload Project      October 23, 2013

AirShipTG has joined forces with Prime Organization: C T Johnson and Associates (CTJA) UUV UAV Systems Engineering, LLC on a submittal proposal for the DARPA Hydra Broad Agency Announcement.

The U.S. Navy Hydra program will develop and demonstrate an unmanned undersea system with a new kind of unmanned-vehicle delivery system that inserts UAVs and UUVs. stealthily into operational environments to respond quickly to situations around the world without putting U.S. military personnel at risk. The team’s submittal is the AirShip V2 Submersible VTOL UAV. The Hydra large UUV is to use modular payloads inside a standardized enclosure to deploy a mix of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and UUVs (underwater unmanned vehicles), depending on the military situation. Hydra will integrate existing and emerging technologies in new ways to create an alternate means of delivering a variety of payloads close to where they're needed.

Oregon FIRST LEGO League Qualifying Tournaments

December 19, 2013 AirShip Technologies Group was part of the mentoring team for Don’t Panic and Always Carry a Towel as they beat 19 other teams in all 4 categories to take the first place today at the Oregon FIRST LEGO League. The team will now advance to the state level championship on January 18, 2013. The judges liked the project portion so much that they had them perform it to the whole audience prior to the award ceremonies. The AirShip Endurance V2 VTOL UAV was featured in this use case for UAV Disaster Recovery Communications Link. See the Lake Oswego Review.

From "Red Tails" to UAVs - Oregon Aviation Cluster Summit

September 19, 2013 Evergreen Aviation Space and Air Museum. Join Tuskegee Airman Ben "Flaps" Berry and son Ben Berry (CEO AirShip Technologies Group at ORAVI – Oregon Aviation Industries – Second Annual Aviation Industry Summit

Along with the Berry's presentation, the AirShip Endurance V2 VTOL UAV will be shown in a flight demonstration and hover!

Last June the Oregon Department of Aviation and the Oregon Aviation Board organized the first Aviation Cluster Summit, held at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville. The event was quite successful with about 120 individuals and companies who participated.

Out of the 2012 Summit ORAVI has been organized and registered with the State as the official Association to represent the Aviation Cluster. We have been working with Business Oregon and the Department of Aviation and have now identified some 450 businesses registered in Oregon that are directly involved in the Aviation Cluster. We know there are even more companies, yet to be identified that rely upon aviation in the course of their daily business. So, if you know of any of these companies, please let us know and let them know about ORAVI.

We are pleased to announce that we are now finalizing plans for the second Annual Aviation Cluster Summit. This year the Summit will again be held at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.

Attendance this year will be limited to 250 people, so, please preserve time on your calendar for September 19th for this important event. You will be receive more information on the Summit including registration and Association Membership in July. You will also be receiving a Questionaire inviting comments and questions for two Panel Discussion as part of the Agenda.

ORAVI has been organized to promote aviation throughout Oregon, so we are here to serve your company, but need your participation to make it work. Please pass this information on to anyone you know that is involved in Aviation who might be interested in attending.

AirShipTG's UAVport “The Hive” and

UAV Autonomous Biomimetic Visual Sensing and Control

May 12, 2013 AirShip Technologies Group plans to engineer a UAVport known as “The Hive” to serve as a site for launching (or receiving) small autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). By analogy with seaport for ships or airport for aircraft, the UAVport is similar to locations traditionally used for sites capable of launching small unmanned aircraft but that need no runways. For the AirShip Endurance V2 and V5 VTOL UAVs, the UAVport will enable launch and recovery as a self-contained vertical takeoff and landing site. The UAVport enables maintenance and support of autonomous UAVs in transit and at rest and can serve AirShipTG-owned UAVs or other manufacturer’s small VTOL UAVs.

These strategic geographically placed launch sites are used as a facility from which UAVs are launched for the AirScape service. The AirShipTG UAVport contains multiple launch portals suitable as simultaneous launch and receive portals. The UAVport has a circular upper deck centered by a large automated safety work area, called the UAVport terminal. The terminal includes the area where UAVs are expected to land or takeoff. The UAVport contains a communications station located aerially to the UAVport to assess the progress of inbound and outbound UAVs.

Teaching the AirShip Endurance VTOL UAVs to maneuver in tight areas like small insects could generate biomimetic visual sensing and control. See the full description here....

Drone Visions open letter for Legislation!

     by Ben Berry, CEO AirShip Technologies Group (

April 4, 2013

There’s a familiar pattern in Reinvention: Rethinking answers to problems lead to a new technology coming along to fill a long-standing need. But as it becomes widely implemented, questions arise over how best to use it and how it may affect the rest of the World! The USA is at a crossroad of introducing drones into its national airspace, and commentary in the media is influencing the public and state legislation right now. Without a balanced response to commercial drones and their applications, it’s poised to ignite a firestorm of controversy by catering to the fear factor of big brother is watching! Read full letter.

by DEAN SIGLER on 03/29/2013


Ben Berry?s father, Ben Berry, Sr., was a Tuskegee Airman, part of the second wave of African-American recruits who fought their way into the Army Air Corps in 1943. Instead of fighters, this group learned to fly the B-25 Mitchell bomber and was to launch from aircraft carriers for tactical attacks on Japan.

........In his spare time, Berry, Jr. heads AirShip Technology Group, a startup developing a unique series of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) slated for a wide range of military and civilian missions. Loaded with cutting-edge technology, they?ve attracted attention, with Berry winning the Linus Pauling Award for Innovative Product of the Year ? 2011, and being named a winner of the 2012 Sustainability Summit Innovation Challenge by the New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council and InnoCentive Inc. Read full article.....

March 5, 2013 PDC Executive Director Patrick Quinton is supporting the SABB Solutions Summit in Austin, TX as a sponsor and bringing a delegation of Black tech entrepreneurs from Portland, including Portland's Chief Technology Officer Ben Berry, and Ideal Portland founder Dwayne Johnson, to offer insight into their experiences in Portland's developing inclusive innovation ecosystem.

PDC will also promote the recently launched StartupPDX Challenge as an opportunity for entrepreneurs from underserved populations to access the city's startup ecosystem. Challenge winners will receive free rent for a year, a $10,000 grant, and in-kind services from the region's top professional firms and accelerators. An Inclusive Economy Grows in the City...

February 6, 2013 OEN's Angel Oregon - Congratulations to AirShipTG for being a semi-finalist with the venture fund!

For innovators, investors, and networkers alike, OEN’s Angel Oregon is more than the northwest’s premier angel investment prize conference; it’s where breakthrough ideas are nurtured, new markets are tapped, and invaluable business connections are made.

At OEN’s Angel Oregon 2013 investment conference, Oregon and southwest Washington’s brightest entrepreneurs will be competing for the launch-stage investment award. It is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to present to accredited angel investors.

This must-attend event gives presenting companies excellent visibility and a chance to obtain substantial investment capital by bringing together Oregon and southwest Washington’s brightest entrepreneurial talent with accredited angel investors.

State pursues drone zone

December 7, 2012

Cathy Cheney |See Portland Business Journal Article- Full Article. Berry displays the AirShip Endurance V2 VTOL UAV. Oregon wants a major slice of the civilian drone business. The industry is poised to explode after 2015 when the Federal Aviation Administration begins to allow drones in civilian airspace. Experts predict the industry could grow to $11.4 billion annually in the next 10 years as drones are used for everything from monitoring polar bears and ice flows to tracking whales, forest fires and urban creep. To meet the 2015 deadline, the FAA is expected to establish six drone test sites, dedicated air spaces where engineers and pilots can test unmanned aircraft and equipment free of surrounding air traffic.

AirScape RFI

Request for Information (RFI)

AirScape Mobile Application

December 10, 2012 AirShipTG launches AirScape Mobile Application RFI - The AirShip Endurance V2 VTOL UAV and integrated AirScape service delivery system represents a disruptive entry into what will become a highly sought after commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that expands far beyond military use. The UAVs serve as an aerial service delivery platform for 24x7 video on-demand ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance); aerial air sniffer for explosives, IEDs (improvised explosives devices) and narcotics; plus more that 50 defined AirScape application use cases. For those customers who do not want to own and maintain their own AirShip V2 UAVs, the UAV “AirScape” service represents a low cost,

scalable service capable of serving multi-year 1st Responder contracts for AirScape mobile applications. AirShipTG will operate AirScape services with small clusters of UAVs in regional and city locations across the United States and internationally. 

Team Axis advances to robotics tourney

December 20, 2012 Lake Oswego robotics Team Axis earned the second place Champion’s Award for outstanding overall achievement in robot design, research project, core values and robot performance at the First Lego League qualifying tournament held Dec. 9 at Catlin Gabel School. The team will advance to the Intel Oregon 2012 First Lego League State Championship Tournament to be held in January at Liberty High School in Hillsboro. Team Axis members include Colin Mitchell, Catlin Gabel School, John Tolar, Oregon Episcopal School, and Jake Lally, Village Education and Resource Center, all Lake Oswego residents. They are coached by Gary and Veronica Mitchell. The team is sponsored by Northwest Diamond Sports, AirShip Technologies Group, Oregon City Sports and Ema Eldredge.

Keiretsu Forum Portland Deal Screening of AirShipTG

December 4, 2012. AirShip Technologies Group and its AirShip Endurance UAV with Solar Turbine Clean Tech Propulsion was presented at the Keiretsu Forum Portland Deal Screening investment group. After all companies present (6 in Portland and 8 in Seattle), the screening committee discusses each company and decides which are ready to present to the larger Keiretsu Forum. For the $7 million ask over three years, Berry presented the AirShipTG company overview, market definition (size, market share), competition, management team, financials and financial projections, and resources needed beyond capital.

AirShipTG Entrepreneurship Inspires Luther College Students!

November 27-28, 2012. Decorah, Iowa 52101 (map) Ben Berry, CEO for AirShip Technologies Group spoke with three classes of Luther College entrepreneurial studies. As a guest speaker, Berry discussed topics and issues that fit the course: Developing the business idea, reassessing the idea, assessing the opportunity, assessing market potential, issues of raising capital, and forming a team.

Berry to speak at 2012 National SBIR/STTR Conference

November 14, 2012 Ben Berry, CEO, AirShip Technologies Group has been chosen as a presenter during the Defense Track Breakout moderated speaker session of the 2012 National SBIR/STTR Conference in Portland, Oregon. Berry's topic is the "AirShip V2 and Its Solar Turbine Fueled UAV AirScape Service." This topic is presently on the conference agenda for 20 minutes between 2:30PM and 3:30PM on November 14, 2012. The conference program promises to be an exciting and rewarding three days and Berry's contribution will add to that!

See the full agenda DETAILS.     See 

Oregon's Entrepreneur Environment Set to Explode

Posted: November 14, 2012 at 11:36 am

....When famed Hollywood producer George Lucas told the story of the Tuskegee Airmen in his film, "Red Tails," he also shed light on the fact that it was extraordinarily challenging to find funding for the project, even with his iconic leadership. Entrepreneurs like Ben Berry, CEO of AirShip Technologies Group experience similar challenges in raising risk capital needed to bring a product to market.

Berry is a presenter at the SBIR National Conference in Portland, Oregon. His father, Ben "Flaps" Berry, is a Tuskegee Airman and part of the AirShip Technologies Group team that is introducing what may be a cutting edge disruption to the civilian aviation industry. The father-son dynamic duo has invented an affordable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that uses clean energy technology, flies at low altitudes and can remain in continuous flight for up to 90 days. That compares to military counterparts that have flight times of up to 72 hours and cost up to 10 times more. See the full article here: Huffington Post Small Business

Mike Green

Award-winning journalist; Public Speaker on Black Education & Innovation

iUrban Teen Technology Summit

 Creating the Future of Technology

Saturday October 20, 2012 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave., Vancouver, WA 98686 (map)

On October 20, teens from the Portland-Vancouver region will converge at Washington State University-Vancouver for the second annual iUrban Teen Technology Summit, a daylong exposition of careers in technology, computers, and engineering. As the event's keynote speaker, Ben Berry, CEO of AirShip Technologies Group, will inspire our high school youth and parents to embrace hard work, focus and engagement.

Berry will also participate in the CIO Roundtable brainstorming planned with several other local CIOs. The CIO Roundtable isn't a panel discussion - it's a brainstorming session amongst CIO's regarding how do we create diverse talent pipelines. Because we are targeting high school students for technology careers, we believe the iUrban Teen Summit is a perfect way to create those pipelines by inspiring the youth. Another goal besides brainstorming on how to engage and create a diverse talent pipeline is to allow the Teens to see first-hand how technology is really being used within an organization via our once monthly Teen Tech Tours in partnership with the University of Portland.

You can learn more about the summits at iUrbantech.

AirShipTG Accepts Sustainability Innovation Award and presents in NYC!

September 29, 2012. New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council and InnoCentive Inc. Announce Winners of Sustainability Summit Innovation Challenge: Based on Ben Berry’s standing as one of the winners of the InnoCentive Sustainability Innovation Challenge "Driving Sustainability and Diversity" that concluded on August 1st, The Council has asked Airship Technologies Group to present at the invitation-only Innovation Arena during this year’s Sustainability Innovation Summit in New York City.

The Summit’s Innovation Arena wias composed of innovative companies that will present to the environmental thought leaders, Fortune 500 corporations, venture capital firms, and investment funds that can connect AirShipTG with financial and strategic partners. AirShipTG will participate in the Arena’s morning session on October 9, 2012 (10:30am – 12:15pm) and/or afternoon session (2:30-4:30pm). See the presentation details

AirScape Cloud Computing Services RFI Launched

September 7, 2012 AirShip Technologies Group has launched a request for information (RFI) to develop the technology architecture for its AirScape Cloud Computing Services. The cloud will serve applications such as Collision Avoidance for Detect, Sense and Avoid (DSA) flight management of the AirShip V2, our 2-foot VTOL UAV. This Cloud computing technology architecture could also serve another application under review from TerraEchos Inc. called Kyros. We are principally focused on the commercial UAV market and believe systems like Kyros can be instrumental in our needs for a sophisticated computing platform for geo-spatial big data-in-motion" analytics. This system’s video coverage is very much applicable for what we need to accomplish for both commercial and defense ISR markets: See 2011 GeoINT Conference Video.

InnoCentive Selects AirShipTG for Sustainability and Diversity Award

August 31, 2012. -- From 215 entrants, an independent panel of judges for the 2012 Sustainability Summit Innovation Challenge has selected AirShip Technologies Group as a shared winner for the firm's Solar Turbine Clean Tech Sustainable Propulsion System design. The AirShip Endurance V2 VTOL UAV is being developed to operate autonomously through an unmanned aerial system (UAS) that provides customers with a superior real-time geo-spatial video field-of-view for AirScape's intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

The AirShip V2's lateral and rear turbines are newly designed Solar Turbines developed for clean tech air acceleration propulsion. The turbines provide air pressure thrust propulsion required by the AirShip V2's vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and consume less energy during fixed flight operation. With its efficient design, the V2's flight management system maintains reduced energy consumption via its external solar film and internal rechargeable ultracapacitors. The V2 uses more electric power during VTOL operation, but once in forward flight, it dials down the lateral turbines and uses its rear turbine and low aspect wings for lift and sustained flight.

When fully developed, the UAV is targeted for persistent flight endurance of 30 to 90 days depending on weather conditions before returning to home base for maintenance.

The Divide by Oregon Business Magazine

July 9, 2012 The divide

            by Linda Baker, Oregon Business Magazine. Ben Berry, CEO of AirShip Technologies Group, Jaymes Winters, President of Blue Leopard Capital, and Andres Montgomery, CEO of DreemDigital: The three are among Oregon's few African-American technology and investment capital entrepreneurs. "Venture capitalists need to take note," says Berry." If they are not talking to the African-American community, they're leaving a lot on the table in terms of return on investment.

Mission: Small Business Initiative and AirShipTG

June 30, 2012 -- AirShipTG reached its 250 votes on June 29 and by the end of the voting period, we had 264 votes. We thank all of you who participated in voting and we thank Chase and LivingSocial for initiating the Mission: Small Business program.

We believe the AirShip Endurance Drones are competitive especially with the introduction of our AirShip V2 VTOL UAV commercial drone program and services AirScape and AirSniff. To that end, we look forward to the Finalist Application review including the AirShipTG business plan and value proposition.

Solar Turbine Air Accelerator Clean Tech Aviation Propulsion

May 23, 2012 Working with the Portland Development Commission and the NW Collaboratory for Sustainable Manufacturing, AirShip Technologies Group has submitted a RFIP Clean Tech / Manufacturing grant request to help fund AirShipTG's R&D on its Solar Turbine Air Accelerator Propulsion. The grant would support development of an innovative propulsion system for the AirShip Endurance V2 VTOL UAV Drone. The grant assists AirShipTG to exercise a first mover advantage position in the commercial UAV market with a clean-technology based aviation propulsion product that serves as an aerial delivery platform for its AirScape service. AirScape is a 24x7 geographic data-in-motion (video-on-demand) intelligence surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) service that is low cost, is scalable, and will deliver persistent flight flight endurance of up to 90 days. AirScape will serve internet-based 1st Responder customers simultaneously. Additionally, it will serve as a public safety aerial sniffer platform for explosives, IEDs, and narcotics that uses a patented nanotechnology filter that cannot be reversed engineered. With the AirShip V2's quiet air accelerator turbine propulsion, this VTOL UAV-based service is for both outside and inside where people congregate in large areas -- sports arenas, airports, cities, cargo inspection sites, ports of entry, etc.

AirShipTG wins InnoCentive Partial Award for "Survival Air Stretcher"

May 7, 2012....Out of 1,705 RFP entries, AirShip Technologies Group just won a partial award for its Survival Air Stretcher.

"The Survival Air Stretcher is a truly novel concept....

......the honeycomb material used in the stretcher part is novel as well as the design to use it for thermal management. The Seeker would like to use this part of the solution."

The solver’s invention is called “Survival Air Stretcher because it allows for evacuation through quick assembly and transport of an injured person via ground carry or air transport recovery. The Survival Air Stretcher uses an inflatable process that makes for light weight but sturdy evacuation. Its honeycomb fabric is waterproof, fire resistant, and holds the person tightly in a cocoon reinforced structure. This air stretcher allows for easy storage in a backpack and can be carried by one individual. Once assembled and occupied with an injured person, the stretcher can be retrieved via helicopter or optionally via air/vehicle VTOL/UAV drone that is now in development. After use, the air stretcher can be used for additional stretcher recovery or quickly deflated, rolled up and stored.

The InnoCentive Challenge: 9932705 - Blueprint a Medical Transportation Device for Combat Rescue has been awarded on June 20, 2012. See the final winners  

In the News!

Win 2011

Share. Learn. Connect

AirShip Technologies Group won the Win2011 Linus Pauling Innovative Company of the Year award with their entry of the AirShip VTOL UAV Transformer known as “AirShip Endurance.” Fellow innovators from around the Pacific NW region met at the Willamette Innovators Summit for an evening of networking and collaboration. Cutting-edge research, commercialization efforts from Oregon State University and exhibits from over 50 leading businesses were represented within the area.

The event featured industry leading speakers and success stories from the region’s star entrepreneurs. Ben Berry, CEO of AirShip Technologies Group, demonstrated the prototype AirShip VTOL UAV Transformer. November 10, 2011

Tuskegee Airman Looks Back on Lifetime in Engineering

Mar 2, 2012 3:58:17 PM

One of the Famed African-American Military Aviators Featured in the Movie "Red Tails" Went on to Earn an Aerospace Engineering Degree and Work on the Design of NASA's Apollo Spacecraft

Now living in Milwaukie, Oregon, Ben "Flaps" Berry, 87, speaks frequently about his service, for which he received a Congressional Gold Medal of Honor. (Flickr photo)

U.S.A Today -- Silicon Valley Watcher

 From Tuskegee Airman To Rocket Ship Designer: Ben Berry Interview

March 13, 2012 USA Today

Intel Free Press interviewed Ben Berry, one of the famed Tuskegee airmen, the highly decorated World War II African-American aviators. After the war he earned an aerospace engineering degree and worked on the design of NASA's Apollo spacecraft. Riding a .....

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